Perhaps you have watched soccer or fútbol in person or on television. You might even play fútbol, but betting on it opens a whole new book of knowledge to learn. You might already bet on American football or basketball and feel pretty comfortable with it, winning often. Soccer betting offers a number of options and its own special way of writing out the wagering information.

Once you accomplish learning the ins and outs of the type of bet, you just need to know the status of the team and how they match up against the competitor as well as the status of any injured players. Of course, those basics remain the same regardless of the team sport on which you bet. Let’s start with the simplest betting type, the match bet. This is used in all team sports.

Match Bet

In fútbol, betting on a match is also referred to as full-time betting or the 1X2 bet. The match bet’s most basic information lies within its odds 1×2 script. The number in the one column always refers to the away team. The center X stands for the draw odds. The number in the two-column stands for the home team.
1 x 2
Dallas vs. LA +400 +240 -133

The above would show the Sidekicks as the underdog, with Los Angeles as the favorite. The draw odds in the center are +240.

Asian Handicap

A similar manner of betting, Asian Handicap offers odds for only two possible outcomes and less vig.

Totals Betting

fútbol refers to the good ole standby of over/under betting as totals betting. These goal line bets work in fútbol just the same as in other team sports. When placing your bet though, remember that in fútbol overtime periods do not count in the goal total. The average number of goals scored in a 90-minute fútbol match is 2.5 goals.

Double Chance Betting

Another three outcome bet in fútbol, the double chance bet, combines two of three possible outcomes into one bet. It offers odds the possibility of either of the two outcomes occurring. This means you could bet on the home team and the draw, the away team and the draw, or no draw happening at all.

Proposition Soccer Betting

Proposition bets provide a diverse category. You can have a proposition bet for a single game or an entire season. You can have dozens of propositions markets for every fútbol game. High profile matches may have more than that. Examples of a proposition bet include if a specific player will score a goal in the game or which team will score first. Since so many possible propositions exist, the betting field of this bet type remains crowded.

Fútbol Live Betting

Just like your favorite poker games have now gone live online, so has fútbol betting. This means you are no longer limited to pre-match betting. Many bookies offer in-play betting, offering a live 1X2 market plus totals betting. You may find other +EV markets or arbitrage among the onine soccer betting options.

Futures Betting

In Europe, outright bets or post ante bets provide no point spread. You win your bet only if the team you chose win the soccer match. In North America, these bets get called futures. Futures bets typically get placed on big matchups like the World Cup, Euro Cup, and by the season for the Champion’s League, English Premier League, German Bundesliga and Spanish La Liga.

How the Diversity of Bets Helps You

Fútbol offers such a diverse number of bets and onine soccer betting types, and this helps you win. You can build your bankroll more quickly because you do not have to have a system or know the injured reserve list by heart to win at betting. Take propositions, for example. You can quickly determine the likelihood of a particular team scoring first since that is a commonly calculated statistic. Similarly, you can bet with some assurance on whether a particular star player will score a goal in the first half of the match.

Double chance betting also lets you have a fair opportunity at a win. You have two outcomes under which you can win.

While betting futures on who will win the World Cup or even a particular league at the outset of the season and winning remains a longshot, live betting provides you a fair chance when combined with proposition betting. That is when you bet a proposition during the match online. Perhaps you bet that the Dallas Sidekicks goalie will block the next goal attempt and he blocks it. You won your bet.

You never left your house to do so because you used online soccer betting in a live betting bookmaking operation. From the comfort of your own home, you won.

If you know the teams pretty well and feel comfortable betting on match outcomes, you can use full-time betting. It is smart to segue your way into this if you are not familiar with fútbol or betting sportsbook. Start by match betting only on the team you root for or know best.

Also, consider your strategy. Choose value. That means choose bets you feel you can win that pay well. Yes, you need to know the teams or players well enough to win the bets, but you need to win enough bets and enough large payouts to keep your overall bankroll in the red. That refers to your monetary winning versus your win percentage. It is far more important that you keep your money wins bigger. You could have a 75 percent win percentage, but if the ones you lost were big money bets, you will have lost money. So, choose your bets by value combined with knowledge.

With this strategy, a little soccer knowledge and a grasp of the betting types, you can win at soccer betting. Place your first bet at today.